Help ASAP :(( How to find specified text area in Microsoft Word and copy paste to Excel?

For example the word document shows
Name of people: Serene
Class: 4A
I just want the word Serene and paste it to one of the Excel cell and if possible! I just want copy the text in that area because the name changes in every other document and paste it to Excel please help :frowning: thank you Vvvv vv much!!!

You can use read text activity to import your document to UiPath and then use regex (matches activity) to get the name. Regex would be something like this: (?<=Name of people: )\w*

If it is possible to have a compound name, you could use something like this: (?<=Name of people: )(.*)(?=\nClass)

In order to get the string returned by the matches activity use: returnedMatches(0).ToString, where returnedMatches is your output for matches activity.

Hope it helps. =)

Sorry i am a newbie :C i dont really understand , may i ask what do you type inside here?

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