Good Morning:

I am currently doing an RPA to read information from a web page to a google sheets. The web page has the information contained in tables. The location of “products” is randomly located, and changes every day.

I am using the ELEMENT EXIST and the Click to be able to locate the “products”, regardless of the position. The problem is when using GET TEXT, it does so on a fixed position, and when changing the position of the products daily, the GET TEXT would not work in the correct way. I am looking for a way to be able to obtain in a variable the position of the table according to the location of the product, and in this way use the GET TEXT (as in the image) or use a different activity that allows me to fulfill that purpose.

To finish the distribution of a product is as follows. . If product 4 is located in position 34, the GET TEXT should be able to read me Position 35 ($ 3000), and Position 36 ($ 2000)

Product 4 $ 5000
Service 1 $ 3000
Service 2 $ 2000


Is it possible with the ELEMENT EXIST or Click to know the location in the table on the web page of the different products? Or what activity would serve?