Get text activity in a parallel

Hello guys. So I need to get 2 texts from a page. Im using Get Text in a parallel, but im having problems understanding how to get the values of the Get Text to data table.

This is how I built it for now and seeking help. I wish that one value of the get text would paste out to B column, and the other to C, and ass I scrape other pages, they would continue like this:

Thanks for the help in advance :slight_smile:

@Povilas_Jonikas in array row use

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Thanks a lot, it helped. But now Im getting a different error after a few good results:
I think its because of my Write range activity Starting cell value which is “E”+(inde+2).ToString
I use this value because I dont know in what different way I can get the result that I want.

Instead of using the write cell…
I would recommend to update the datatable and write that table once at the end

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Thanks bro, ur the best :slight_smile:

do something like this

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Yes, thanks. Did exactly as you said and it works, thanks again :wink:

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