Get Text is not getting desired output

Hi All,

I am trying to automate Uibank Apply Loan process using UiPath StudioX 2023.4.1 version.

I want to get interest rate and Loan ID and store it in a excel

But Get Text activity and CV get Text both are showing me invalid details

Get Text for Interest rate when displaying in a message box is showing “arrow_back” message

and CV Get Text is showing blank message box for Loan Id

Please help
Thanks in advance


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Can you share your xaml file or at least a screenshot of the selectors?


Hi @sgarg

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Try playing around with this property,

You might be able to retrieve it.

PFA xaml file where I just want to display extracted values in message box

StaticApplyLoan.xaml (76.7 KB)

And below is the screenshot of my selector:

Thanks for the XAML @sgarg - I ran it and works perfectly on my end. Are you able to check if some of the comments in this thread works for you: Broken selectors after Chrome/Edge update to version 114.0.1823.37 - #7 by g.ward

Thanks @argin.lerit for your help.

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You’re welcome! Happy automating! @sgarg