Get Text not working any more

Everything worked perfectly for two days after installing StudioX but not any more. First, when trying to indicate a Target within the DoubleUI app, mouse-over finds nothing unless I change UI Framework from Default to UIA in the Select Options dialog, and I never had to change that until now. Second, when Target “Deposit Transaction” and Anchor “UiPath” in the DoubleUI app are defined and I run the automation Get Text returns an empty string instead of “Deposit Transaction”. Training exercises completed successfully and saved before these problems arose now return an empty string in similar situations. Any idea what could stop it from working when it worked perfectly well before?

Please Elaborate your question?
with some screenshot or some dummy code example if possible

Get Text saves to clip board and Message Box displays contents of clipboard which produces an empty message box therefore it seems Get Text returns an empty string when it should return the target text “Deposit Transaction”. Other tutorial exercises returned text successfully in various scenarios but now they also return an empty string.

I can’t screenshot the first part of my problem but imagine the DoubeUI app window next to the UiPath “Search Options” dialog saying “Hover over the element you want to indicate and click to select it” and at the bottom of the dialog it says “UI Framework: Default”, but moving the mouse over the DoubleUI app window highlights nothing at all so I change it to “UI Framework: UIA” and then mouse-over highlights elements, but I’m sure I never had to change “UI Framework” when everything was working.

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