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Hi I need int value for check the condition greater then or not I am using get text to get the value and I am getting value [10.00] I need to convert this int and remove symbol

@Aditya10989 can you be bit more elaborate or post screenshot of that

@venkatmalla6 thanks for reply I am attachhing you screen shot in marked dollar 10 I am getting I need 10 in int so I can compare value

@Aditya10989 were you able to get the value using getext

yes but in dollar

@Aditya10989 so you want to remove that dollar symbol and compare with integer value am i correct.


@Aditya10989 you want the only 10 or 10.00 to be in integer.

only 10

@Aditya10989 ok give like this convert.ToInt32(gettextvariable.Substring(2,2)) in assign activity and store it in a int variable

@Aditya10989 are you able to do it.

Here is a step by step process to convert to an int32. Be sure to test how it reacts to 10.01 vs 10.99 ect.

test3.xaml (7.3 KB)

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That would not work for a value of $100.00 or $1.00

@LeftBrainCo sorry I thought may be he is asking for only one value only,if that is the case we can also do it by split function.

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@venkatmalla6 not working

I am getting error in if condition input string is not correct format and variable chkamt is int and AOamt I am converting to int

@Aditya10989 if your value is is in string then First get the Index of character β€œDollar” then you get the index of β€œ.”, then do a substring(Index of $,Indexof .) then Covert.ToInt32(YourstringVariable)

did not understand if we convert dollar to empty string then convert to int also not working

Convert to empty string Get the Index of using String.IndexOf(char β€˜$’) and Get the Index of . using String.IndexOf(char β€˜,’) then Do the Substring as you now have two lengths Substring(Length1,Length2)

Lenght DataType= Int32

eg: String.Indexof(’$’) u will get 0
String.Indexof(’.") this will vary for $100.00 u will get 4 then
Substring(0,4) u will get 100 in string then Use Convert.ToInt32(β€œ100”)

@LeftBrainCo thanks work for me

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