Get Text - Convert to Int32

Hello Guys -

I have here a string from the get text.

The text that the Get text is getting is : “Display Number(12)”

2 Assign Activities
strDisplayNum= strDisplayNum.Replace(“Display Number (”,"").Trim
strDisplayNum= strDisplayNum.Replace(")","").Trim

How to make it to Int32 so that when I put it in the excel file it will convert to number


Use Matches activity to get the number

once you done with matches give the output variable

Now for convert to Int32, you can use as below


Hope this helps you


Hello @ksrinu070184

How do I put it in the matches activity?


Check as below

Hope this helps you


What should be the variable type that ill put in here?

Sorry I already get it. :slight_smile:

Thanks @ksrinu070184!

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Another question @ksrinu070184

Does it affect if my get text has actually a lot of spaces before getting the word “Display Number”


No issues, It will search only Numbers and get those


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