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I am trying to automate the WhatsApp chat. The get text activity does not work as the position of the incoming message position gets changes. Even cv also fails to get the text. Can anyone suggest the best way to extract the data? Thanks in advance

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Hi @soumi_soumiya

Using Get Full Text activity to Scrap entire conversation and then Use string manipulation to get last message the that scraped data.

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Hi @soumi_soumiya

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How you are automating the whats app using web automation? please explain/ any screen shots

before get text can you please try with element exists activity to check element is recognizing or not

This is how it take it does not take the user input please suggest anyother method

Use below given selector in Get Full Text activity

<html app='chrome.exe' title='*WhatsApp*' />
<webctrl id='main' tag='DIV' />

It will retrieve all chat data’s.

I have tried some general use-case,
check the screenshot below, It will help you.

*onlineTODAYMessages you send to this chat and calls are secured with end-to-end encryption. Click for more info.Hi5:30 PMWelcome MEHTA SALES
Please select the option you want to go for

  1. My Orders
  2. Inventotry
  3. My Payments
    4.FAQs5:30 PM15:30 PMPlease select the option that you are looking for
  4. Open Order status
  5. Order Dispatch Status5:31 PM15:31 PMType a message

This what it gives back the user input is not captured. What can we do for this

Is there is any previous user input is available in the chat ?
would you please share the screenshot of the particular chat which you are try to extract data.

Im looking similar solution like this… It will very helpful if you can share the workflow file…

Try your own, I will support you on technical side.
code sharing is restricted

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Can i take your program?i want text message as column time,text,phone number etc.