Get text from dynamically changing table column in a website

Hi All,

Appreciate if anyone could give me suggestion for my issue.
Explained below my process and issue I encountered:
I need to login to a website to look for details of a part number.
Upon login success, in the search box, I will enter the part number and then a list of related search results will appear in table form.
I will need to get the text from only the first row of the table (contains few columns as well).
And I need to save this details in excel sheet (.csv file).
And the I need to iterate this process until a number of part number (part numbers will be saved in excel sheet). And this iteration based on the excel.

I can login to the website, search the part number, get the details , save it in excel and do iteration. But just that the get details part is not working properly.
For an example, let say I search for Part A1 , the details will be appear in a table.
Let say the results as below:

Part Name Part Price Remarks
======== ======== =======
Part A1 1.0 Metal

If I run the system again and do the search part.
For the same part number Part A1, will have different results, something like below.

Part Name Part Price Remarks
======== ======== =======
1.0 Part A1

So, I think the table columns id is changing dynamically.

How to solve this issue.

Here I have attached my 2 excel sheets and as well the program file.
Apology, as I am new user, I wasn’t allowed to upload files.

Any suggestion/ideas?.

Please need help in this issue.

Let me know if the problem I stated above is not clear.

Thanking in advance.

@Puva Instead of id use class name

Hi Indra,

Thank you for the reply

Currently below lines is in the selector
webctrl parentid=‘Mdoule-Div’ idx=‘1’ />
webctrl parentid=‘Mdoule-Div’ idx=‘443’ />

How to include the class name?

Apology for the newbie question.

Thank you


I have attached my files regarding this problem.
If anyone has the solution, please do share.
Have been stuck in this issue for some time now

MPN Searched Details.xlsx (9.3 KB)
PN List.xlsx (9.2 KB)
MPNSearch_test.xaml (30.8 KB)