Get text example

Hi all,
I have a doubt. From the above image I need to get Examples (9 items). When i am taking get attribute the whole page is getting selected but I want that particular Examples (9 items).

Can you please help me.

Hi @hanviprebday

it’s likely that the selector you’re using in the “Get Attribute” activity . To extract this specific text, you can use a more specific selector. you can fine tune the your selectors or can you share the screenshot or selectors

Try with table extraction instead

Or if u want to try with get attribute before using it get descendants with FIND CHILDREN activity

Steps would be like
—the output variable that we get from FIND CHILDREN activity can be passed to FOR EACH activity
—in the for each activity change the type argument as UiPath.Core.UiElement in the property panel
—inside the loop use GET ATTRIBUTE activity where pass the variable item.ToString to the property Element in the property panel of get attribute activity
—now in the get attribute activity we can mention as “aaname” and get the output with a variable of type string named str_output

Cheers @hanviprebday

@Palaniyappan the table extract is not working as it says This control does not support table extraction.
I even tried with find children and get attribute but it’s coming empty value

May I know which attribute u r referring
Initially use Ui explorer and indicate that element to See which attribute holds the value
Then try with attribute


I am using text as that holds the Examples (9items)