Get Attribute

Hello, I have to extract the text of this column, using Get Attribute

but i get this error


why are you using get attribute?
you might choise extract table data and then loop through the type column to get the data


@GDMM we use get attribute to get specified element of UI.
To get Text please use get Text activity.

the condition is not to use that activity

Then use a for ui element, and inside put your get attribute activity

@GDMM please share your selector.


@GDMM aname is not present in your select. If you want to get aname then put in selector as well

I just tried and its working in my case.

@GDMM Show me activity properties.
if you are working in loop then you need to make aname=“*” because its changing every case.

Actually you are looping please check rownumber once

I was able to, thanks
the error was that the counter started it at 0 and it was at 2

How can I make it keep reading the one on each page?

@GDMM For that you need to put one click button which should click on next button after counter 11.
but it is not good practice.

are you doing exercise?
should I suggest standard method for it?

yes this is what i did

gets me the first one, and i need all

Sequence.xaml (26.3 KB)

@GDMM Your efforts are amazing but go for easy way.
->Fetch all the datatable through Table Extraction Feature. It will give you all the table.
→ Then put filter on “Type”.
->After Filteration you will get specific “Type” data.
->use navigate browser activity and open one by one and get data.

@GDMM I am not able to open your code. Its giving error.

the condition is not to use those activities:
data scraping
table extraction
extract structure

@GDMM ok wait I make module.
please just check are you able to open my code in UiPath studio. its test case.
Main.xaml (15.1 KB)

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