Hi I manage a robot that generates an End Of Day Report that gets all transactions from 12am-11pm on queue with the following columns:

Item Key
Start Transaction Time
Exception Type(if status is App or Business Exception)
Exception Details(if status is App or Business Exception)

I manage to get all information correctly using QueueItem. However the Start Transaction Time gives a different time compared on what was indicated on the Orchestrator Queue(Started column).

For example
On Orchestrator Queue: 01/16/2021 4:07:33 PM
After extracting using QueueItem.StartTransactionTime: 08:07:33

Any help on this one? thank you


did get this data with REST API call? Because may be the second DateTime is in UTC and you have to convert Time Zone.

I used this for conversion:
newDateTime = TimeZoneInfo.ConvertTimeFromUtc(yourDateTime, TimeZoneInfo.Local)

regards, Gio

I see, so thats why the mm:ss is the same but hours has +4 upon getting. Thank you for this one
i was using queueItem.StartTransactionTime so i just used queueItem.StartTransactionTime.Value.toLocalTime

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