Queue items in SQL - creation time differents

When adding new items to queueitems in the creationTime column, it inserts UTC time and we would like to have local time there.
How to set it so that the local time is entered instead of UTC.
I guess it is used when adding the built-in sql procedure.


Update time zone in the General tab of Orchestrator settings

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We change this settings but it still add other time to column Creation Time in Orchestrator DB.
Its happen till we change our TimeZone to Winter ( +1)
And Time zone is set to our Timezone - we need to add time based on our Time zone not on UTC.
We set Time zone on Orch server , on IIS and set proper Time Zone.
But still Orchestrator get UTC time not ours Time zoe.

Hi @Mirek,

Any update on this? We are facing the same issue, where our log files in orchestrator is 2 hours off. We checked the timezone where the robot is running and the timezone in orchestrator and orchestrator server but could not find the problem there.

Have you checked the orchestrator database?

Best regards

John Michael

Hi John.
We managed to solve this by unifying time. In our case, we force all data to be UTC. This is a bit confusing for viewing because the time written in to SQL is different than the system time.
The biggest problem was that different Robots were uploading data to the database with different time stamps. After enforcing the time format to UTC, viewing the logs is easier.