Get Queue Items mapping of All states

In the documentation of the Get Queue Items activity it lists the QueueItemStates.

  • QueueItemStates - Filters the queue item states. The following options are available:
    • All - The default option.
    • New
    • InProgress
    • Failed
    • Successful
    • Abandoned
    • Retried
    • Deleted

What does All map to?


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It can read upto 100 Queue Items irrespective of which ever state it is.

Identified issue of getting different queue items depending on settings. Setting From and To to Nothing behaves differently than setting From to DateTime.MinValue and To to DateTime.MaxValue and thought it might have been QueueItemStates.All ignoring QueueItemStates.Deleted


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Usually below are the states in queue

But while getting the queue items using GET QUEUE ITEM activity it will fetch all the items by default regardless of its queue status
That’s why

It’s default value is ALL

If we want only the queue item of particular status then we can mention from the above one

Cheers @samuel.janetzki

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