Get queue items by transaction progress



I want to get a list of items from a work queue filtered by their ‘transaction progress’ (not their ‘transaction status’). The purpose is: the queue items will have been worked by a previous automation. I want to then run a report on those items that have a status of ‘successful’ or ‘failed’, but which have not already been reported on.

Looking at the ‘Get Queue Items’ activity, it seems you cannot filter on ‘Transaction progress’, so I thought, okay, I’ll get all queue items with a status of ‘successful’ or ‘failed’ loop through them, read the transaction progress value and then get that transaction item to report on it. I cannot figure out how to do it though.

How do you read transaction progress from a ‘Queue Item’ object? I already made sure that my For Each loop has its TypeArguement set to UiPath.Orchestrator.Client.QueueItems.

Once I have verified that the queue item’s ‘Transaction Progress’ value is “ready to report”, how do I work with that item to report on it? Can I continue to use it as a Queue Item, or do I need to use Get Transaction Item and somehow identify the specific item I want so I can use it has a transaction Item?

or… Do I need to approach it completely differently and use 2 work queues, one for processing and one for reporting?

Any help would be much appreciated!



You can Use Orchestrator API for getting Queue Items. In that You can give Progress Node in filter property .