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I am working since a week with CE. I have a small proccess that logs into a site and perfomrs some tasks.

It works fine in my computer (that has one Developer Licence) but when i run this in the other ocmputer (with atthended licence) get this error:

RemoteException wrapping System.Security.Cryptography.CryptographicException: Clave no válida para utilizar en el estado especificado.

I have read that the Get Password activity encrypts the password by associating it with the current user.

In my scenario, the studio robot runs in DEV01 machine with my user loged in and the attended robot runs in PC01 with other user.

How should I create a process with password stored securely and that can be executed by other users’ robots?

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you are right, as Get Password input can be decrypted only with the current user of the machine,
so it wont be able to use encrypted and used in another machine
–for that we can better create a ASSET in the orchestrator and create a asset of type CREDENTIALS that will store the username and password of the user you want
–here in the studio we can access that asset with GET CREDENTIALS activity where the username output will be of type string and password will be of type secure string

we can use a simple type into to enter the username and type secure string activity to mention the password

for more details on the asset in orchestrator and get credentials activity

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for more details on the asset in orchestrator and get credentials activity

Cheers @meyucho

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  1. Generally It is recommended to use the Orchestrator to pass the credentials securely.
  2. use windows credential manager.

*last make it a Attended bot and let the user enter the password.

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