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Can anyone explain me the difference between Get Password and storing passwords in Orchestrator and using Get and Set asset? Also when to use Add Credential activity?


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Please go through below threads:


Hi @Asiri,

Get password - Use of this is to provide password in decrypt manner,this will be able to appear only for you.
Get Asset - Use of this is to get asset value from orchestrator ,which we given there
Set Asset - use of this is to update asset value to orchestrator ,which we given in orchestrator.

Get Password will store the encrypted password in the code and can’t be changed after you deploy the code.
Storing the passwords in Assets allows you to change the credentials without updating the logic or the version number.
You can also choose to store the credentials in Windows credentials but the drawback is that you’ll have to create the windows credentials again and again if you decide to deploy the code to other machines.

get password is more secured method than set password as in get password method the password is not shown even in url it comes in hidden format where as in set password method whatever we pass is shown in url that’s the reason it is prefered to use get method rather than set method.

Hi @Jagdish2593

This seems to be the info I was looking for.How about using roaming profiles? If we use roaming profiles, still we have to create windows accounts when using Add Credential?


I haven’t really tried it @Asiri. I just believe in leveraging what UiPath suite offered to me as a product and it works really well. What’s better is that one Asset can show a value specific to a robot if you use the “Per Robot” feature in an Asset. You might want to look at that if you haven’t already.

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