Get outlook mail messages not working

Hi all!

I’m trying to get outlook mail messages but I’m getting the following error

I have tried to put on MailFolder properties:

1) “Inbox”
2) “\accountName\Inbox”
3) “\Inbox”
4) “\\Inbox”
5) “\lastName, firstName\Inbox”

Follow the properties pane

Follow output line pane

Could anyone help me with this?

PS 'Send outlook mail message" activity works fine. So It’s not a outlook configuration error.
PS2 I’m with the newest package update

I appreciate your help!

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You have configured only one outlook account?
if one account and it is already configured then make account properties blank.



That’s It!!!

I just leave the ‘Account’ propertie blank and now It’s connecting to the Outlook Account messages.

Thank you very much!


Just one more question…

How do I check if the e-mail is Unread or Read?

see in properties their is an option “onlyunreadMessages” check it.

so by using you will get only unread messages and their is one more property to mark it as a read so by checking both options so always you have to deal with unread messages.


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In my case, I have to get all the Read Messages. But when I uncheck the ‘OnlyUnreadMessages’ property options, all messages are loaded. So I have to check If it’s read or unread after this :confused:

I am facing same issue , i have only outlook account and tired account field empty and with my account but getting error in all the cases

Error {“message”:“Get outlook mail messages : The specified folder does not exist”…

Hi! Did you solve this problem? I have to check each message if it’s read or unread too and the ‘OnlyUnreadMessages’ property doesn’t help me in my case. Did you find any solution for this?

Thank you!

Hi All,

Is there any way we can read outlook emails from local folder in the system(PST files).


Hi @aksh1yadav

while you execute i am getting this error message ?

find the error message as “specified folder is not find”

Something is blocking the activity to communicate with outlook. Did this ever worked?

can one help me ?

for sending a mail, through outlook or smtp ?

@aksh1yadav shared one file i tried that also its coming error .

Hi aksh,

I have used get outlook properties before i have given only “Inbox” and its not working.
saying the error folder does not exists it was working fine in my system but when i am trying to run from another user system its throwing that error.