Get outlook mail message ("the specific folder does not exist")

Dear all,

Good day.

I would like to get the outlook mail message to check for the undeliverable mail and notify user on this.

When i use the “Get outlook mail message” activity, it keeps on pop up error stated “The specified folder does not exist”.

Kindly advise.

Thank you

Hi @irene0227,

Please check the folder name in Get outlook mail message properties. By default it will be “Inbox”.

HI, yes i need it to read “Inbox”. I have try for both input " Inbox" in the property or put it blank. Both are not working.

If possible can you send the screen shot of mailbox folder and get outlook mail message properties as well.

get outlook mail message properties

mailbox folder

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Hi @irene0227

Try this:-

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i have try this, but still the same error pop up