Problems with mail retrieval using "Get outlook mail messages"


I am able to access my outlook mail account but I am unable to retrieve the subject line or the body of the mail. I am also unable to download attachments. If someone could attach a workflow for the same it would be very helpful for me.



Before opening a topic, try to search your doubt in the Forum’s search engine. We had similar problems that are already solved by the users!

Anyway, follow below the example that you need.

getMailProperties_Example.xaml (10.4 KB)

Hope It Helps!


Email header

Thank you so much for the help. I have been trying on this issue for quiet some time and finally it worked. I will keep in mind what you said and review all posts before posting any issue. THanks again! :slight_smile:



Thank you so much for the help!


how your people can get access to “Get Out look mail message” without giving email id and password and mail server etc



When we leave it blank the activity will get the default mail configured on the machine :slight_smile:



there only account id available how can we access it without the password


Hi @Lucas.Pimenta
throws an error you upload WF
can you help me

can anyone get the solution for this issues !!!

while i am using Get Outlook mail Message Activity in that property Mail Folder i have gave command as “Sent Items”
Error : The specified folder not exists.
But in My outlook folder are available : image



Any other folder works?


As Gabriel suggested, It works with another folder?


i tried “Inbox” and “Sent Items”


Then there is another problem there…


what is that ?
can you able to elaborate to me!! what the exactly issues her i am facing


Dear RaviDevaraj,

I have the same problem with “Get outlook mai messages” at any folder. What was the solution ? I didn’t find it.
Thank you for your help.


Hi @KEdina

No so far i didn’t get any solution so far


Are you sure you are using the proper Outlook account within the activity?