MailMessage variable doesn't have an option to read the Receiving date

Hi Team,

I am currently using mailmessage(System.Net.Mail.MailMessage) variable in UiPath Studio Community Edition version 2022.7.0-beta.9548. It doesn’t have an option to read the Receiving Date. Can you please look into this issue once.

Attached the screenshot for your reference.


you can use this statment to get the email date :


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If i got your point, on for loop try this "MailMessage.DateAsDateTime.ToString(“dd/MM/yyyy)”
Or attach your sequence to get more info about your issue


I know this expression and tried already but its not working here.


Its nothing do in my workflow. Here issue is with current UiPath studio version. Its not populating any value to read the Receiving Date. Please check the attached screenshot in my previous post. Its printing uid only.


FYI, This issue exists since UiPath.Mail.Activities package 1.14.0-preview, as the following.
One of the workarounds is to downgrade it to 1.13.1-preview or 1.12.3 at this time.


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I’ve just tested with Mail 1.17.0-preview and the header looks to be working again.