Get outlook mail message taking a long time


I use get outlook mail message to read about maybe between 40-100 mails a day, it sometimes takes up to 2minutes to read them. Current timeoutMS is set to 120000 which is 2 minutes but sometimes it will just go on forever…? Is there any possibly better way to read mail messages?

Get Exchange maybe?


Well even i have faced this when getting large number of mails from outlook with GET OUTLOOK MAIL ACTIVITY especially when fetching more than 50 mails, which will take about 5 mins to read them,
This is usual and the way we are using to get the mail is really a feasible method only
–it sometimes depends on the mail size and you outlook configuration as well like the number of mail is has in its INBOX, if its more in number it may take more time to load and then fetch them one by one, so try to delete or move the mails from the folder from where we are fetching the mails using GET OUTLOOK MAIL ACTIVITY

that would work for sure and you are going good
Cheers @jswali

Thanks for the detailed reply :slight_smile: i just checked the inbox folder and it currently has 1,052 mails in there but obviously the Bot is instructed to read the top 150. Do you think deleting the rest of the mail will speed the process up? or even creating a rule to move anything other than what we need in the inbox (our transaction) to a different folder i.e “invalid” because the Bot wont pick it up anyway since we are looking at a specific subject line by filter.

Do you keep outlook open for this task? Im sorry to raise this again the problem has not gone away and the bot freezes on the get outlook mail message. It was in the ‘execute state’ but not doing anything it got stuck on the get outlook activity for 6hours

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No not necessary
But if possible can I see the screenshot of the property panel of get outlook mail activity
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Any input please @Palaniyappan

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sorry for the delayed response
i wonder why its taking more time to fetch these numbers of mails and that too not a big number either
–Kindly try with GET EXCHANGE MAIL ACTIVITIES instead of Get outlook mail activity

Cheers @jswali