Get outlook mail message takes long time


I use get outlook mail message to read mails from SHARED MAILBOXES. I am using Get outlook mail message activity to read Inbox but it takes 1 hour (for 800 mails).
Is there any possibly better way to read mail messages?

800 per hour is 13 per minute, which is 4 seconds per email. Don’t think you’ll get better performance out of it than that.

13 minutes to read one single mail is something problem…

You need to use the Filter property. You can also lower the Top property but you might miss some emails if it’s set too low.

(by the way, I’m going off memory, so sorry if I get the property names wrong)

To use the Filter property, look for examples here on the forums. You should be able to filter by any From address, subject, or date

Your numbers don’t say 13 minutes to read one email. It says an hour to read 800 which is 13 per minute.

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