Get OCR text alternatives

Are there alternatives to get OCR text from Citrix application which is not accurate. I cannot install remote run time and do not have CV activities.

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How can you not have CV activities? It’s built into modern activities now, or if you’re still on classic you just use the CV Screen Scope and CV Activities which are part of UiPath.UiAutomation.Activities.


As far as the accuracy of Get OCR Text, have you tried different OCR engines? You can replace the default Tesseract OCR activity that’s inside it, and you can also adjust the properties of the Tesseract OCR (or other OCR) activity to improve the accuracy.


Hi @postwick,

I am using classic design. When I try to get CV activities, I get a window “Computer Vision Terms & Conditions ----” I have to click “I agree”. I do not have Docu Understanding also.

With Teseract OCR I am getting an error: Tess Engine Load Error
Microsoft OCR is working but sometimes not accurate. Other OCR engines asking for API key which I do not have.


This doesn’t require a license or anything. Just click Agree. CV has nothing to do with Document Understanding.

Thank you, @postwick
It is asking for API key which I do not have. CV Screen Scope has properties ApiKey, URL and UseLocalServer etc. I am not sure if I have permissions for this. Please suggest. Thanks,

Install the UiPath.ComputerVision.LocalServer package. Set Use Local Server to true in project settings for CV.

Will try that. Thank you.

Could not install. Not sure what the policy is set to. Thank you for all the advice.

There is no reason you cannot install it. There is no licensing nor anything else needed. If you can’t install packages then talk to your network/security team.

Thank you @postwick
This could be the solution, I cannot verify so I did not mark as solution.