Citrix only via OCR techniques

I’m evaluating use of UIPath for automating a Citrix desktop app. But i’m unsure I understand the solution. Should I use OCR-like techniques for Citrix? Or should I be able to indicate specific UI elements like local apps?

I’ve installed both UIRemoteRuntime on Citrix en the plugin locally. The two seems to communicate because at first I received a message about mismatching versions. Which I resolved resulting this message is gone. But when I try to indicate an element with the UIExplorer the whole citrix app is shown as one image. Besides this, using OCR technique as shown in gives me error messages like Click ‘D3DRenderer2’

Message: Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call to a COM component.

Exception Type: UiPath.Core.FindElementException.

I’m using version 2019.4.4.


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If you want to automate Citrix applications either you have to use Computer Vision activities or Image activities.

@lakshman, thank you for the reply, but in the official documentation I linked to nothing is mentioned about using Computer Vision in relation to Citrix. Is the documentation behind reality in your opinion? And why isn’t it working in the official manner?

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Hi, if you want to use computer vision activities
Please install the activities package
Use CV screen scope activity
For CV screen scope activity you need a API key which you will find under
Licenses section