Get Mails From Shared Mail Box (Microsoft Exchange - Specific Folder Under Inbox)

We have a shared mail box in Microsoft Office 365. Mails are stored in a folder under Inbox (Inbox/MailFolder).

I want to read all the mail present into the folder using “Get Exchange Mail Messages” activity. What all parameters do I need to pass?

Is there any alternative method to get this done ???


You can specify your Folder in properties → Target->MailFolder

Hope this helps you


Thank you for the reply. Tried but not getting any return. below is the exception I’m getting


Try the Mail Folder as “Inbox/AGN-GNOC-” like that

Hope this helps you


Same exception is coming up…

Shared Mail Box:
Mail Folder: Inbox/PC
Password: yyyyy

These are the values that I have.

Has anyone found the solution for this problem accessing a shared folder from Office 365?

You can use Microsoft Office 365 Activities for this.

Start with these articles,

It looks like a lot at first, but it’s not bad once you get going… has been 100% reliable so far.