Get mail back date until today?

I want to get mail follow back date that user input from input dialog.
variable backdate as int = input dialog

If backdate = 0 , I want to get mail today.
If backdate = 1 , I want to get mail yesterday until today.

Please guide me about it.

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Hope these steps would help you resolve this

—use a input dialog box and get the value and store it in a variable like in_variable
—then use GET MAIL activity either outlook or exchange and mention the FILTER PROPERTY AS

“[ReceivedTime] >= '”+now.AddDays(-(Convert.ToInt32(in_variable.ToString))).Date.ToShortDateString+"’ “

and mention in TOP property as 1 so that you will get the first mail out of it
—and save the output as out_mailmessages

Hope this would help you resolve this

Pls let know for queries or clarification

Cheers @Maria99

@Palaniyappan It error as below.

Please put a double quotes at the right end of the expression


@Palaniyappan I edit follow your suggest. (No error)
But If I run and key input dialog = 0

It show error as below.

Please guide me for solve it.


Please find the below image where I tried to use the same expression and it works fine
Pls validate with yours and ensure the same property is mentioned


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