The GetOutlookMailMessages activity gets emailwithin the time range

In UiPath, for the “GetOutlookMailMessages” activity, I have a date variable called date_data that has a value of “06/11/2023”. How do I retrieve all emails from this date variable until today?

Hi @1585517965,

You can use the Query field of GetEmail activity to fetch/get the particular date.
Basically, Query used for filtering the returned emails. If the query is not completed, all emails are returned. Enter your String using the $filter OData query parameter. Below are some example inputs:
“from/emailAddress/address eq ‘’”
“subject eq ‘Office365 Quickstart’”
“subject eq ‘Office365 Quickstart’ and from/emailAddress/address eq ‘’”

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Please try this

"[Received] >= '" + Date_Data.ToString("d") + " 00:00AM'"


Thank you for your answer, I have implemented it using this method.


Enddate is not needed as it is today …you wanted all the mails that are receiced today as well right…so should work with only start date condition also

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