Get outlook messages activity filters

Hi All,

I am trying to use this query to filter for emails for specific time frame:

“[Received] >= '” + DateTime.Today.AddDays(-1).ToString(“d”) + " 00:00AM’ AND [Received] < ‘"+ DateTime.Today.ToString(“d”) + " 00:00AM’"

the above query will filter for emails received from yesterday midnight instead of (-1) in here DateTime.Today.AddDays(-1) I would like to use a variable which where I am storing a user input (nDays).

Basically in my logic the automation has to display a prompt and ask the user for number of days that he want to filter for once that is done I am getting that input and using it in the filter.

I’ve tried this way DateTime.Today.AddDays(Saved.Values(Of UiPath.Excel.ExcelValue)(“nDays”)) and I there wasn’t any error however it’s not working expected.

I would appreciate any help or hint on how to approach the case. Thank you in advance.



Can you share its result? Is the result no mail?
And, is user input not “2” but “-2” for example?


Hello Yoichi,

Thank you for getting in touch. Obviously when I will use 2 we won’t have output since the date will be in future However for -2 I am getting the list of emails that I have for the last two days.

The main issue here what do I have to use to read the value stored in my variable nDays since the bot is behaving in the right way when I specify the number of days manually into the expression like this “[Received] >= '” + DateTime.Today.AddDays(-1).ToString(“d”) + " 00:00AM’ AND [Received] < ‘“+ DateTime.Today.ToString(“d”) + " 00:00AM’”

However it’s returning the wrong result when I use saved values Saved.Values(Of UiPath.Excel.ExcelValue)(“nDays”) instead of -1.

I have many doubts what is the data type of the output for the input activity ? because as far as I understood it’s string maybe I do have to convert it to type int before using it in my expression ?


For now, can you try either of the following?

CInt(Saved.Values(Of UiPath.Excel.ExcelValue)("nDays"))


Saved.Values(Of Int32)("nDays") 


I did tried both unfortunately there no result the get email messages does not return any mail :neutral_face:


Can you check content of Saved.Values(Of UiPath.Excel.ExcelValue)(“nDays”) using WriteLine activity or MessageBox activity (Please put it just befire GetOutlookMailMessage)


I added before and after the get mails and I believe the issue is that the the minus sign in the expression does not affect I would like to invers the number or multiply it by minus one before using it in the get mails activity


Can you try the following expression?

DateTime.Today.AddDays(-1*Math.Abs(CDbl(Saved.Values(Of UiPath.Excel.ExcelValue)("nDays"))))


there was an error it says condition invalid in the activity get Outlook messages.