Get list of specific FTP files


I’m trying to get a specific listing of files within a FTP session with the ultimate goal of downloading the newest file.

How can I incorporate a Directory.GetFile within the FTP Enumerate Objects activity? Or is there a different way to accomplish this goal?

The default output variable is System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable<UIPath.FTP.Ftpobjectinfo>. When I use the directory.getfiles, I get an error that UI Path could not find part of the path. In my variable I use “/testing/rpa” for the FTP path and in the activity it is changed to “c:\testing\rpa”

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if not work…

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@lean_santiago i tried like what you said.But got error as “Type ftpobjectinfo is not define” for test_file variable…solution for this–>I created one extra variable in same xaml as datatype ftpobjectinfo .even this variable is not related with enumerable object i able to resolved my issue.[no need to change packages ,we can use latest one also]…

Hi @Arjun1

Please make sure to add the UiPath.FTP namespace to your workflow:


thanks buddy its working. thank u so much again…:slight_smile:

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