Get items from queue but having some errrors

I used the same code before but now getting error.

Any idea or is there any other way to control transaction items ??

@170290064, I have tested your scenario, and it is working for me. Please try to update the package version and restart the project and check it again. (Tested Platform : VB, Window)

how can i do it ???

@170290064, please follow the steps mention in screenshot.

Manage Packages → Select UiPath.System.Activities → Select Version → Click on Update → Save

@170290064, please try to create new project with platform VB, Window and update the package version and create the same scenario again.

Its already updated !!!



Can you try this once

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  1. Delete the xaml where you are getting the error
  2. Delete the project.json
  3. Now reopen project and then try to gice the same formula

Apart from this try to rename packages folder in C:\users\username\.nuget and then reopen the project


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