UiPath.Core.Activities - GetQueueItem & SetTransactionStatus not available

I’m having two error codes when running project made by coworker with version 2018.1.?

Could not find member ‘ContinueOnError’ in type ‘http://schemas.uipath.com/workflow/activities:GetQueueItem’. Row: 392, Column: 44
Could not find member ‘ContinueOnError’ in type ‘http://schemas.uipath.com/workflow/activities:SetTransactionStatus’. Row: 1100, Column: 58

I have UiPath.Core.Activities installed and imported. If I make whole new project and drag Get Queue Item activity there, everything works fine. My studio is running on 2018.1.2

What is causing this problem? It prevents me from publishing and running the project so I’m kinda stuck.

For SetTransactionStatus there is no property called Continue on error in older version. it is available from 2018.1.2

I’m using version 2018.1.2 but it doesn’t work. You said it’s available from 2018.1.2, do you mean I need at least 2018.1.3 or what? Is there a list where I can check what activities are supported on certain versions?

Am not sure about the list, what i want you to do is just open your Uipath and check the properties of both these activities weather it contains the continue on error is available or not.
if it is not available, check your project weather it has the value true for this property(you can use XML file to check) if it true you can set it back to default value. that should work


Are all the packages updated? (CTRL + P)


i have 2017 version, all packages are updated and am not able to see that property at all, any suggestion for this.?

ContinueOnError’ in type 'http://schemas.uipath.com/workflow/activities:GetQueueItem
getting this error while running workflow in enterprise edition 2017.1.6435