Get IMAP Mail Messages: Times out while waiting for Mail Service to connect

Hi All…need your Help …Just to clarify…I have watched various videos looking for the solution + checked UI Forum already for any old posts related to this query+ disabled antivirus + tried changing the IMAP settings for Gmail + allowing less secure apps + creating App password via Mail settings on Gmail as seen in one of the Srini’s video got from this Uipath Forum answers …still getting the Time Out error…Please Help me with the resolution…Thanks in advance…!!



Check that windows defender is blocking? Check below post for your reference

Hope this may help you


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Have you tried…increasing the timeout?

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I tried, but still getting timeout exception error. Thanks

I tried to disable win 10 defender, still getting same time out exception error. Thanks

Finally…after hours of investigation…this worked for me…The solution was very basic…I had an older version of Uipath Studio 2020 which I updated with the latest 2021 Studio version…Email automation worked smoothly first time itself. Thanks @Srini84 @postwick for looking into my query as the other settings suggested were also important for this to run.

I am also getting the same error. could anyone guide about the same.