Get IMAP Mail Messages: The operation has timed out Exception. For a while after the computer restart, everything works

Hey Uipath forum members,

I am trying to access mails from a bot, but getting this exception:

“Get IMAP Mail Messages: The operation has timed out Exception.”

Once I restart the computer everything works out for a while,
but after a few days the problem returns

All permission of IMAP are enabled.

Hi @Guy_Sarkinsky

Maybe try this in the activities property there was an property called Top set to 10 or 20 and try again…


TNX I will try, I even set the TimeoutMS for a 120000 (2 min).
I will know if it helped in a few days.

In my case when bot reads the original email with get IMAP and getting empty output from the body of the email, after forwarding same email then it is working. Can anyone please help me what would be the reason for this strange case.