Get IMAP Mail Messages: Application-specific password required, sender id's

Hi all,

Getting error in imap mail message. Need to retrieve the sender mail id’s from gmail but not able to do.
How to resolve this issue. Please help me on this…


Can you please explain what error you are facing?


which error you are getting? could you please share the screenshot with me?

@Vinit_Mhatre @vrdabberu

Please look into the attached screenshot.


Please check the credentials that you are using for the IMAP application.

Please check the below threads for better understanding.



Hi ,

Kindly check this thread, i hope it will solve your issue

Send SMTP Mail Message, Message: 534: 5.7.9 Application-specific password required - Help / Activities - UiPath Community Forum

Vinit Mhatre

Drag and drop the “Get IMAP Mail Messages” activity onto your workflow.
Configure the properties of the activity:
MailFolder:** “INBOX” (or the folder you want to retrieve emails from)
Port:** 993
Server:** “
UseSSL:** True
Username:** Your Gmail email address
Password:** Your Gmail password or an App Password if you have 2-factor authentication enabled.

Use a “For Each” activity to iterate through the list of mail messages obtained from the “Get IMAP Mail Messages” activity.

@Dilli_Reddy ,
Get IMAP Mail Messages: Application-specific password required: Sign in with app passwords - Google Account Help (Failure)
Same error getting. What to do.


Link :

Use this link sign in your account then create the 16 digits password


Enter the password here double quotes like “qwqe wadw wdwd wdwd” :point_down:


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@Gowtham_krishnan ,
Thanks for helping in resolving the issue.
Able to get the mail id’s
How to write the extracted data to excel file


Do you mean the subject or the body of the email extracted data? Please clarify what you want exactly

@Gowtham_krishnan extracted the sender mail id’s, those mail id’s needs to be stored into excel file.


It is stored in str_sender variable. How to do this…

Can you try like this

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