Get IMAP Mail Message Activity

while running the project I am facing the below error. If anyone can help me with it.
I have passed the right username and password in the credentials.
Get IMAP Mail Messages from GMAIL: Application-specific password required: Sign in with app passwords - Google Account Help (Failure)


Please follow this video and you should have the solution.

Ashok :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey @ashokkarale

I followed your video and I have done the same. Please find the attached screenshot. also, I am using the get username and password activity.


Do you use App Password which is generated in Google account site?


Hey @Yoich,

I am using my Gmail account password. not sure about the app-generated password as I am not aware of it.

Thanks @Yoichi

I used the app password created by Gmail and it works.

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