Get IMAP Mail Messages: Application-specific password required

Im trying to do gmail automation and getting this error at get imap mail messages activity

after this error i created the app password from gmail account but i dont know where to add that google app pasword in the uipath

also i have enable imap in gmail

Hi @sagar.raval

Have a look on the docs and video link


,Its not working ,He doesn’t even have the option to add an app password, nor do i have the settings for “less secure apps”.

Can you share the error screenshot @sagar.raval

here it is

Hello @sagar.raval

Have you checked the below video?


Can you share the Screenshot of the properties of Get Imap activity @sagar.raval

here are the properties

Since the problem is with the login access, I don’t think using POP will make a difference

okay the issue was that i was putting the real gmail password in the password field

now when i put the app key its working fine

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IMAP is also explained in the video. Can you please check the email id and password that you are getting?


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