Get IMAP mail messages Activity - Sample Example

Workflow Example
In order to read the emails from gmail account , please refer the below link :

Once implementing the above steps . (I have provided just for your reference purpose ).

Now using the activity will read out the mails and the return type would be a list of mail messages .

Get IMAP mail messages activity output .

Sample workflow :

Properties Pane :

One can use the body , use further string manipulation methods to fetch any value as per your requirement.
Similar you can fetch value from Headers of the mail . You can explore many option from “item” as it is of type “” .
The type defines all the .net methods/ properties of mails.
Use the same value further in your project to implement automation .


Why aren’t there more likes on your post? Thank you, Pranaya, for doing this. (y) This is very helpful.


Would, however, like to add one thing to the post.

The link (provided in the post) to enable IMAP for Gmail doesn’t seem to be working. In order to do that, one can go here instead:


Thank you so much @PranayaSahu for this sample, great info!