Get IMAP Mail Messages activity not working in Windows version (UiPath)

Hi Team,

I have converted the Legacy to windows then I getting below error “Get IMAP Mail Messages: A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond.”

But Get IMAP Mail activity is working in Legacy version not working in Windows version.

Here I am using Outlook application to read the inbox mails …

Please suggest any solution…


If you’re using IMAP then you are not using Outlook. IMAP connects directly to your email server. Check the properties of the IMAP activity to make sure everything is still configured correctly.

Hi @postwick ,

We are using same activity from 1 year and Yesterday also only getting error .

I have checked the configuration but stil same issue

Please let me know if you have any solution

Have you considered that maybe something is wrong with the email server you’re trying to connect to?

Hi @postwick ,

Thankyou but the same Get IMAP MAIL message activity and Outlook both are working Production server.
Production BOT"s are working fine but in the Dev server I am facing problem.

Here I am using same UiPath workflow and same Outlook in Dev server.But I am getting this error in Dev server only.

In production server I am able to read the inbox mail using Get IMAP Mail Messages activity with same Outlook credentials.

Let me know if you have other solution

Check with your admin team to make sure your dev server is allowed to connect to the email server.

Thankyou @postwick ,
I will connect with Admin team’

Please let me know what is the required input data while using the Get IMAP Mail Messages activity like I have pass username, password,port number etc.

Can you please suggest required data so I will check in my flow weather that data I am passing or not.

Thanks your time @postwick

If it’s working in production but not in QA then you have everything configured correctly but as the error message says there is something preventing the connection.

Hi @postwick ,

I have downloaded the package from production Orchestraor. Yesterday Production BOT is running correctly .

But in Dev server not working.

Is that outlook server issue or Dev machine issue :thinking:???


You can try changing the port number once 993 or 143.
Also try updating the outlook settings and check once again.

Again, check with your server/network/security teams to see if something prevents the dev server from connecting to the email server. IMAP has nothing to do with Outlook.