Error with the getting values from the new form builder v23.4.3

Hi, i am trying the new form builder mentioned in the title and i am trying o get the values from the form i created using the form builder, here is what happened and what i tried so far:

  • created .uiform file and built the form.
  • invoked the form in another workflow using show form activity.
  • mapped the key fields in the show form activity to locally created variables.
  • at last printing the locally created variables in the output.
    what happens is that the mapped variables did not get passed any values from the form, thus they printed out with their default values.

what i tried:

  • using the Get Form Values activity which resulted in an error:

Get Form Values: The form was not found. Please make sure that you have shown the form before and that the Instance Name you’re using is correct (FormNotFound).

  • i tried to toggle on and off the “continue workflow execution” switch in the Show Form activity.
  • i tried to make instance name in both Get Form Values and Show Form activities.

appearntly using only Show Form activity failed to pass the values inserted in the form to the local variables.
and using the Get Form Values rsulted in error which saying it didn’t detected the opened form.

here is a snapshots from the workflow:

Sorry upload the …uiform snapshot instead of the workflow.

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Hi Khaled,

Any solution here? Im having the same issue

Same issue here… Have any of you found a solution?

I had the same issue, and I tried to work using just one activity which is Show Form.
In this case, please try this steps:
1- Uncheck “Continue workflow execution”
2 - add your variable to the value in each Argument
3 - delete “Get Form Valeus”

here is the example slight_smile: :

worked for me. Thanks

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You are welcome Fuad Hasan :slight_smile:

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Tried this with buttons and I can’t get any value; the output variables are always null, no matter the type I choose for them and the button I click.

Do you mean “Button component”?
If so what kind of “return value” do you expect?


To be honest? I have no idea, @J0ska