Get Form Data from a form in iFrame

Hello People,

Got stuck with a project. Let me brief the requirements.

Please find the attached screenshot. I need to get data from those which has been squared around. The issue is the form is in a iFrame(, where selector does not work. The entire iFrame is selected by the selector, but not individual text boxes or similar. Though I use the entire selector to extract text and store it in a text file, it returns blank data.

Please help me sort out this issue. Thanks in Advance.


Hi @nithin2304,
Can you try with get OCR text activity?
Make sure you give correct screen coordinates to get exact value and use Microsoft OCR for better compatibility.

Let us know if you still face any issue.

Hello @SantoshPothina

Thank you for your instant reply.

I tried OCR and am able to extract out particular text, for ex, Name using Microsoft OCR with suitable scale. Issue occurs when I move on to next page and try the same with same scale, incorrect data is returned. I could not fix a particular scale for the OCR. It changes from page to Page.


Hello @nithin2304

Have you got any solution to get element from iframe ?
please reply