Get value of an input field from web form (iframe)

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I want to store from a form (iframe) on a website the value of an input-field into a variable. I have looked and have applied the method “get-text”. Unfortunately this function does not work for iframes. How can I parse out the value and store it in a variable or is there a way to parse out the source code of the iframe and then use the regex to filter out the desired values?

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if get text activity doesnt work you can always use javascript
For example website is

I want to get header of iframe (“HTML”)

  1. get ID of iframe

  2. write txt file with javascript to extract the header

  3. use inject js and reference the txt file,

  • for the selector, indicate the iframe element
  • assign a string variable e.g. “output” to scriptOutput
  1. if you print output variable it will show “HTML”