I can't work in an Iframe



I want to click a element in Iframe BUT the complete table is selected rather than the particular element. I tried to use Ui Explorer to find the selector, but it didn’t work.

I also need to get the text from the same iframe table to create a data base, But I couldn’t extract the data correctly, even using OCR.


Did you try with IE?


I’ve tried Firefox, but same problem. IE doesn’t work well on server.


You could try seeing if the elements are selectable using the IEtab in Chrome which simulates the page as if it’s using IE.

However, seems like to me that you would need to look at the html source and manually find the name of the table selector. Either that or just Get Text of entire frame then manipulate the data to a table. I’m not sure.


Hello @ClaytonM ,

I work together with @Patricia_Guidi in this project.

We manage to find the table code area inside the IFrame.

What do we do with this code?