Get Exchange Mail Messages - The autodiscover service could not be located


I’m trying to get mail messages out of the robots mailbox.
I started with using Get Outlook Mail Messages, but I got the error The specified folder does not exists in too many cases (even though the process uses always the same mailbox and always the same folder (Inbox)).
So I switched to Get Exchange Mail Messages. First tests were excellent. But the process was coded quick & dirty: all properties were hard coded, even the password. As this is ok for testing purposes, it is not ok in real life. So I changed the code to pass every property with a variable or argument.
And then the problems started: the Get Exchange Mail Messages gives the error ‘The autodiscover service couldn’t be located’. I checked and double checked the values in the variables, but they contain all the correct value.

Has anyone experienced this as well?
Has anyone a clue of what might be going on?
And, most important of all :wink: , has anyone a solution?


Could this be the problem?
He wants a string as password?

Found this one: How to pass SecureString variable as String format variable in SMTP Mail - #2 by nadim.warsi

But when I use New System.Net.NetworkCredential(String.Empty, in_ss_ExchangePassword).Password as password I get the following error:
The response received from the service didn’t contain valid XML.


It seems you need to assign New System.Net.NetworkCredential(String.Empty, in_ss_ExchangePassword).Password to a variable and then assign that variable to the password property.

I’m not really happy with this solution as it is lacking security.
Hey, UiPath, room for improvement!

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