Get dates from the cost benefit analysis using API


How can I get the dates from the cost benefit analysis tab using API connection? I connected to Power Bi and I can see some of the fields but they are empty.

These fields are in automation pipeline endpoint. Why are they empty? The baseline and actual dates are set.

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I’m looking into this now too, as I need to create a monthly report showing movements and this would be an easy(ish) way of doing that, without need to capture monthly datasets and chart movements.

My only worry is that people aren’t filling the tool in correctly so our dates are all blanks for these, but going forward I will try and enforce it.

Has anyone come across easier ways to map project movements with a gantt or similar when you have hundreds of projects?


We are actually trying to do the exact same thing. Seeing how the pipeline changes month-to-month is a very interesting and needed statistic.

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I don’t know the link between the dates in Cost/Benefit and the ones saved (somewhere I presume?) when people update statuses, but that could help to be clarified by UiPath?

One thing I’d tried was a weekly download of the report and running it through an excel template I made which was tracking changes between phases and so on. I’d not finished it and still needed to build in some logic for figuring out what to do what processes have name changes or skip a phase between weeks, but right now that seems best option although it’s hardly ideal!

Ultimately what I think would be useful would be for AH to say:
IF cost/benefit date for phase change <> blank
THEN cost/benefit date change
ELSE date phase/status updated in process

If that makes sense? I mean anything which allows us to track process movements, but I guess that’s why UiPath have Insights right?

But Insights is more for processes running in Orchestrator though, right? This is a different data pipeline and completely different views. I was thinking about something similar to what you outlined, and instead of the name you could use the ID I guess, but then it kind of defeats the purpose of using API and as you said, is far from ideal.

I have a support ticket open, will update the topic if anything comes out of it.

Appreciate that. Might go and define all our IDs, we’ve not been using them so far, but there’s the process_slug which might work?

Support came back with a response that at the moment we can only get this data with CBA endpoint Swagger UI
but that only works for one item at a time. There is a plan to have it in the GET Automation Pipeline, but will most likely be addressed in the second half of the year.

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Thanks, really appreciate you getting back to me. In that case - I’ll keep faffing with manual gantts for the time being then!