Get Data in web page table every hour

Hello guys , there is a table in a webpage that there is updating row every hour , in every hour on of row will go one row up and also provide new data, how can i use web scraping to get that data when it comes to table ? is there experience with this ? what approch should i use ?

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So, generaly, data which is dynamic in a website, comes from a data base and each data has it unique ID. So, use data scraping to get the data from the website, it will be saved as datatable, than with a for each loop, use a filter to compare old ID’s with the new onces, if there’s any new ID’s.

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Hi @Hamidy1667

Little addition to the solution provided by @mz3bel, you can do the following too…

You can also have the scraped data saved in an excel sheet. Next time you run, scrape the data and compare against the data you have in the excel by reading that to a datatable… just like the id you can also use the existing unique values that do not update to compare the rows too…


thanks @Lahiru.Fernando @mz3bel i will try it but i was looking for somthing simpler but it seems i should go for this approch, thanks guys



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sure thanks @mz3bel