Get Credential can't find Orchestrator Folder


I am trying to get credentials from orchestrator

When I choose the folder from the dropdown list dynamically, it finds the folder in Get Credential activity

However, when I replace the orchestrator by a variable, it gives me the following error

Get Credential: Folder does not exist or the user does not have access to the folder. Error code: 1100;

It is exactly the same folder name as suggested by the dropdown list

As an example, I used text but they’re equals to my variables


Any idea why it doesn’t work? Should I use the folder ID or the literal orchestrator path ?


Hi @adext

The activity that throws this error has a property called Orchestrator folder path. If you leave it empty, it will take the default folder (the one you have selected in the bottom right of your Studio, the blue bar at the bottom).

To fix this error, all you have to do is make sure that you have specified the correct path to the Asset as it is in Orchestrator.

Check on this

hi @adext
try in asset name to click ctrl+k and set a var
in orch folder path click ctrl+k and set a var2
then befor the asset add assign var = NameYourOfAsset
then befor the asset add assign var2 = NameYourOfFolder
and check the folder name in the bottom of your studio in the green light

I did this, it is exactly the same name, i copy pasted it
and it’s the same error


If you are giving the value in advanced editor after clicking plus then we need to give double quotes

Or else if you give directly double quotes are not needed

For safety can you open advanced editor and give the values, before that delete the current values


it did work like this thanks! :slight_smile:

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