Data Scraping - how to get an attribute value insead of innertext?


this is the html tag:

<span title="Production network" uipath_custom_id="11" text_capture_x_custom_id="02/15/2018 08:58:31-1" style="">Zsn</span>

This is The extract metadata string generated by the wizard:

<column exact="1" name="Z" attr="text">
	<webctrl tag="tr"/>
	<webctrl tag="td" idx="6"/>
	<webctrl tag="span" idx="1"/>

With this metadata the inner text “Zsn” of the span tag is being extracted. But how to get the attr value of title=“Production network” and not the “Zsn” text?


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Title parameter has it.

get attribute with Title params

Dominic :slight_smile:

How do I apply the get attribute to the metadata XML?
The span tag is within a table with with 0:n rows.

@LukJas, Can you indicate the entire table for selector and try choosing the Title parameter ?

Dominic :slight_smile: