Get Attribute; what type of variable is "position" attribute

I’m using the Get Attribute command to find the location of an element. I want to use the “position” attribute from the Property Explorer to extract the location coordinates into an output variable call “ElementLocation”. But I don’t know what kind of a variable to declare “ElementLocation”. Is it a String, an array, list?

When I look at the Property Explorer for the element the position attributes has the following format:

position (2614,476) - (2624,486)

How do I extract (2614,476) - (2624,486) into an output variable with the Get Attribute command?



Hello there,

How about Setting up the clipping region.

For More

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Thanks ddpadil,

I’m trying to setup clipping regions, but I’m have a hard time doing it.

Hello Hibb,

You can store the output of the position attribute in a variable of type “UiPath.Core.Reigon”.
You can then get the required co-ordinates from this variable by using “<position_variable>.Rectangle.ToString”

The output is obtained in the format : {X=8,Y=1,Width=636,Height=531}


You can further extract the required co-ordinates by splitting the string.

Thank you.

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