Hi All

I’ve read Get argument from an process with exception in REFramework. But i’m not really any wiser - can anybody explain it Again with reference to below?

I want, when I get an exception in a try-catch block to pass-on a specific variable/argument to main.

Organization in my xaml (statemachine):

  • Process Transaction (state)
    • Process (invoked)
      • Try
        • Invoked action - it sometimes faults (I want the out argument “out_Salgsordrenr” to bubble upwards)
      • Catch
        • Add log fields: Salgsordrenr ; in ; string ; out_Salgsordrenr
        • Assign:“Salgsordrenr”) = Salgsordrenr
  • Cleanse (state)
    • Sequence
      • Assign“Salgsordrenr”)

Can’t save/run due to this fault in Cleanse:
Compiler error(s) encountered processing expression ““Salgsordrenr”)”.
Reference to a non-shared member requires an object reference.

Am I placing the activities the wrong place?

Xaml attached here for better understanding. Take note: Danish

Main.xaml (98.0 KB) Process.xaml (85.1 KB) AX_Salgsordre_I_UdfyldDetaljer.xaml (100.0 KB)

I also struggle with this -.-

Has anybody a solution or a project to share it with us?

1.Starting ReFramework
2.Process (Process Transaction)
2.1.Invoke Process1 (getting Emails)
2.2 Invoke Process2 (iterate the worklist)
I want to handle all Exceptions in the Catch From the 1 RE Framework, but cant pass the arguments which I read out in 2.1 and 2.2

Could anybody help us with this?

Thanks in advance